3D printing and young innovator’s perspective.

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30 Under 30 Manufacturing 2021: Meet The Young Innovators Engineering The Future.

3D printing Future(fourth industrial revolution)

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3D printing Future. As stated in, “2020, expect to see 3D printers to operate in a wider range of remote environments. Think of a remote and hard to reach mining location, where being able to print a replacement part.”
As reported by Marco Annunziata, “In 2020, 3D printing will confirm its role as one of the most transformational and consequential technologies in the fourth industrial revolution.”

2020: The Year Ahead In 3D (Printing)

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OLO 3D printer is now-

ONO 3D Printer

Tiko 3D Printer is now similar to-



Peachy Printer is similar to-

da Vinci Junior 1.0w WiFi 3D Printer w/ K-12 Steam 3D Printing online course


101Hero PYLON 3D Printer


iBox Nano

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