3D Printed Food recipe (Chew )(3D Printed Hummus)

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3D Printed Hummus. According to, “Dolphin Days 3D food printed with Sabra Dipping Company hummus.

One of our favorite things to do on Saturdays is to head down to Dana Point and catch dolphins swimming by. #foodinspiration
3D food printing fast facts:

It’s real food. You control the ingredients. Load it, and print it.
Dream it, do it. Easy to use onboard user interface filled with pre-loaded designs or upload your own brand’s logo, shapes, .jpgs or create text to tell any story you wish.
Personalize, experiment, automate, story tell, reduce food waste and more.
Of course, you can eat it! We already had it for breakfast. Distributor of Foodini brand 3D food printers in the U.S. Contact us for demo”.


Now would you like to eat 3D printed ‘Pasta'(3D Printed Food recipe (Chew ))

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Now would you like to eat 3D printed ‘Pasta

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I just found this 3D printer food information something to read for ‘FUN’:)

I did research and include all kind of information I could have possibly found.
According to CGTN, “3D printer to create fun food designs. Using a may soon be eating pasta in the shape of a moon, a rose or even a Christmas tree – all made by a 3D pasta printer. It may seem like science-fiction, but the new printer is on show at Milan’s Expo. The specially designed food everyone’s preferred batter”.

According to Lynette Kucsma, Co-Founder of Natural Machines, “You can do so much specialisation and personalisation of food. So 3D food printing has many use cases – from home kitchens to Michelin star restaurants.”

3D Printing Food

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3D Printing Food

According to the Natural Machines,” has introduced Foodini, a 3D printer for food.  Foodini is a 3D printer that uses edible ingredients to 3D print food items.  Foodini can make salty, sweet, savory, or other types of food.  Foodini is connected to the internet.  A user interface allows a user to select what they want to print and the user interface lets the user know what ingredients need to be put in each capsule.  Currently the user loads ingredients into the 3D printer.  However, Natural Machines is working with food manufacturers to create ready-made capsules that can be loaded into the 3D printer.  The current version of the 3D printer simply 3D prints the food which then has to be cooked.  Natural Machines is developing a version of the 3D printer that will produce cooked food”.:)

“You’re not gonna walk into a kitchen appliance store, see a 3D food printer and say ‘Hey I need one of those, let me buy one!'” Ms. Lynette Kucsma, the co-founder of Natural Machines, Barcelona said, “It’s too new of a concept, people don’t know what it is.”

Consumers in more than 80 countries have expressed interest in the device. At about $2,000.