High-resolution, biodegradable 3D printing resin

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According to Andre Simpson, a professor at U of T Scarborough’s department of physical and environmental sciences and researchers at the University of Toronto,” turned waste cooking oil – from the deep fryers of a local McDonald’s – into a high-resolution, biodegradable 3D printing resin. Because we’re using what is essentially a natural product – in this case fats from cooking oil – nature can deal with it much better.”



University of Toronto

U of T researchers turn McDonald’s deep fryer oil into high-end 3D printing resin

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3D printed Game of Thrones DROGON

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As maintained by Life-size 3D Print, “This group is for you if you like the Life Size, or if you prefer, the 1:1
Bienvenue, Welcome.”
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I made a LIFE SIZE teenage Drogon with four 3D printers.
More 2000 hours od 3D printing for this Dragon.”

Life-size 3D Print