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3D print finished textile

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According to Tamar Giloh, Tamicare CEO, “We are excited about the opportunity to work together with Fashion for Good. Tamicare being selected for the Scaling Programme is a great compliment and we are fully committed to working together with Fashion for Good toward important goals while leveraging our Cosyflex technology for the sake of good fashion industry.
Cosyflex, Tamicare’s 3D printing technology, uses additive manufacturing techniques to apply layers of raw materials which is water-based polymers to create finished textile products. This technique eliminates the wasteful and chemically hazardous processes of dying and cut-make-trim, shortening the supply chain with a sustainable and eco-friendly solution”.




Electroloom: world’s first 3D fabric printer

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Electroloom: world’s first 3D fabric printer

According to the Electroloom, “this is the world’s first 3D fabric printer.  Electroloom is based on an electrospinning process.  In this process, one can create a design using CAD, put the design in Electroloom and create the custom fabric. This is on-demand fabric design with CAD.

Electroloom is located in San Francisco, California”.:)





3D Printer for soft objects from fabric

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The Fabric 3D Printer for  soft things

According to the Disney researchers,” they made the 3D printer for soft interactive objects.  The printer uses a sheet of fabric for each layer of a 3D object.  The 3D object is built layer by layer.

They present a 3D printer which can print soft object from layered fabric”.:)