3D Printing News Alert(Baker Hughes GE latest industrial X-ray CT technology and 3D printing)

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According to Electronic Times Internet Reporter Eunjung Judy Yu(, and etnews,”major additive and industrial manufacturing business are switching to revolutionary CT technology from BHGE for the inspection of raw additive materials and 3D printed parts.
‘Phoenix v is the industry’s first high-tech X-ray CT inspection system with 300kV microfocus tubes and 180kV nano focus tubes. It provides high-resolution 3D images and supports fast and accurate quality inspection for batteries, sensors, electronic assemblies, and automobile parts. The innovative scatter correction technology ‘scatter|correct’ provides precise 3D image analysis with minimal scattering, and the 16-megapixel digital detector technology delivers accurate and sharp images at speed 2-3 times faster than conventional DXR detectors. It can be used in quality inspection for sophisticated batteries, light metal casting, 3D printing parts, and composite material parts, and it is also able to mount 3D measurement technology conforming to German industry standards (VDI)”.