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Transforming Paper into 3D cardboard is an innovative world of 3D Printing Paper

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Learn about [XYZAidan]’s ingenious process that turns recycled paper into versatile 3D cardboard-like objects, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. The 3D-printed molds shape the paper pulp. Discover the significance of their three-part structure for easy removal. The types of paper that can be used for this process, along with different binders like PVA glue, rice paste, and cornstarch, add strength and cohesion to the final product.
The paper pulp handles the issue of shrinkage to achieve accurate dimensions in the final objects.
The wood-like properties of the 3D printed paper and its limitations when exposed to water. From practical desk trays and dishes to playful cubes and coasters, you can unleash your creativity and design unique objects—the possibility of incorporating cloth fibers into the paper pulp to create intriguing hybrid designs.
Sustainable innovation in projects brings the possibilities of 3D printing paper and other eco-friendly practices to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. By combining creativity with the power of recycling, we can positively impact the environment and inspire others to do the same.


Giant Raspberry Pi 4 shines bright with 3D-Printed LED

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The Raspberry Pi 4 to a whole new level the making of a Giant Pi, how Toby Roberts brought this enormous Raspberry Pi 4 to life, six times the size of the original, using a combination of laser cutting, etching, and 3D-printing techniques.
The role of 3D printing in bringing the Giant Raspberry Pi to reality, with digital designs and CAD applications making the components come to life.
Toby 3D-prints a giant LED powered by 12 NeoPixels and a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Giant Fake 470 Ohm Resistor: Delight in the tiny details that make this project exceptional, including the giant fake resistor that completes the LED setup.
Inspired by Toby Roberts’ incredible Giant Raspberry Pi 4 project, embrace bold ideas and push the boundaries of creativity in your ventures. Just like this masterpiece, focus on precision and attention to detail, and deliver exceptional value.