Dr. 4D print

Dr. 4D printing (4D printing is copycat of mother nature)

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Mr.Jonathan Stickland, is our specialist in 4d print technology. We know some of the parts of 4D printing. 4D printing is emerging technology.

4d printing would be useful for car manufacturing.The structured technology of 4d printing is designed for repairing damage without command cars can be safer with less regular maintenance and servicing 4d printing can be used to ensure that the manufacturing process of cities can be built on time efficient schedules.

This will benefits our future medical technologies. 🙂


Dr. 4D printer (4D printing is now easier than ever)

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Singapore university of Technology and design, started using 4D printing. 4D printing is now easy to use.

Specially medical field can have more benefits because of this technology. It can expand with the heat and make more room.