3D Printing timeline

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We all are familiar with 3D printing because of COVID. I also don’t know so much about 3D printing but we are learning little by little every day.
3D printing is started in 1984. 3D printing blossomed very well now. We already have seen the results making healthcare and virus-protecting types of equipment.
Let’s take a guess and tell how much we know about 3D printing.
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3D Printing

The history of 3D printing from its invention to today.


3D print can sense respiratory droplet

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As Andy Wang, a Ph.D. student from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering said he used the fiber sensor to test the amount of breath moisture leaked through his face covering, for respiratory conditions such as normal breathing, rapid breathing, and simulated coughing.
These fiber sensors are designed to detect respiratory droplets and moisture from breathing.
This kind of face-covering can have some kind of indicator for protection from COVID.