complex tissue-constructs

3D bioprinting center

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According to the Technion researchers and Prof. Shulamit Levenberg, “complex and precise artificial tissues that significantly improve their integration in the target organ. The new printer is able to obtain the information from a patient’s CT scans and translate it into printing three-dimensional tissue that exactly suits an injured area. Furthermore, it provides tools to design scaffolds and cells that will grow into tissue.
The printer has different printing heads, each with a different feature such as temperature or UV light. The idea is that you can polymerize the bio-ink while you print. This means the printer is able to simultaneously create tissue from various materials including hydrogels, thermoplastic materials, and ointments. You start with liquid and while printing, you can solidify it in order to be able to make it a structure. So the material, the bio-ink, can be polymerized either by a change of temperature, UV light, light or by mixing different components”.