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The latest in 3D Printing concrete testing, blue lasers, and sweat sensors.

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GE Additive and Nuburu are joining forces to introduce Blue Lasers to powder bed fusion machines, potentially opening new horizons for materials like copper and aluminum. This partnership holds the promise of enhanced precision, quality, and efficiency in the realm of additive manufacturing. The application of Blue Lasers in this context could mark a significant milestone, impacting industries from aerospace to electronics. Imagine a DLP 3D printed sweat collector adhered to the body, providing valuable insights into our well-being. This innovative concept has the potential to detect a range of ailments and conditions through sweat analysis. From fitness enthusiasts to healthcare professionals, the possibilities for personalized health monitoring are endless.

Princeton researchers have also embarked on a pioneering journey by utilizing lasers to cut precise grooves into 3D-printed concrete components. This ingenious method enhances our understanding of the structural strength of these components. Traditionally, concrete testing has relied on conventional approaches, but this laser-based technique is poised to bring about a paradigm shift in the evaluation of 3D-printed concrete’s integrity. These developments illustrate the dynamic nature of 3D printing and its ever-expanding horizons. With each new project, we witness the transformative power of this technology across various fields. As we continue to unveil the future of 3D printing, stay tuned for more updates on the remarkable innovations shaping our world, one layer at a time.

Dr. Mark Zediker, CEO and co-founder of NUBURU, shared his excitement about the project’s immense potential. He stated, “As we continue to advance our proprietary blue laser technology, we have further increased both power and brightness to open up new applications. We’ve achieved key performance milestones that open new possibilities for significant advances in metal 3D printing.” Dr. Zediker believes that this collaboration will accelerate the deployment of blue laser technology, ultimately revolutionizing military logistics, aerospace manufacturing, medical device fabrication, and beyond.

Chris Schuppe, General Manager, Engineering & Technology of GE Additive, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. He noted, “As an industry leader in metal 3D printing and having been on the leading edge of qualifying parts in regulated industries, we’re excited to evaluate NUBURU blue industrial laser technology and its benefits.”

This partnership represents a convergence of innovation, expertise, and ambition, with the potential to reshape entire industries. The fusion of NUBURU’s cutting-edge blue laser technology and GE Additive’s metal 3D printing prowess promises to unlock new frontiers and propel the world of additive manufacturing into uncharted territories.

By, Joris Peels. 3D Printing News Unpeeled: Sweat Collectors, Blue Lasers & Testing for Concrete 3D Printing. 3D Printing News Unpeeled: Sweat Sensors, Concrete and Blue Lasers, NUBURU and GE Additive Sign Joint Development Agreement.