3D Printing Jobs (Research Scientist)

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3D Printing Jobs (Research Scientist)

Redwood City
Materials Development

3D Printing Jobs( Mechanical Engineer)

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3D Printing Jobs( Mechanical Engineer)

Redwood City

Carbon3D Raises $100M from Google Ventures and Others

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Carbon3D Raises $100M from Google Ventures and Others


In June, 2015 we wrote about Carbon3D and its Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology (CLIP), that grows parts rather than printing them layer by layer as done by conventional 3D printers.  Carbon3D recently closed a $100M series C round of funding lead by Google Ventures.  Reinet Investments spokesman Anton Rupert said, “After evaluating Carbon3D’s CLIP technology, we believe it is a game-changer for complex manufacturing across many global market segments.”  According to Andy Wheeler, General Partner at Google Ventures, “Carbon3D’s technology has the potential to dramatically expand the 3D printing market beyond where it stands today and reshape the manufacturing landscape.” Carbon3D, a Silicon Valley based company, was founded in 2013.

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Polymer based 3d printing from Carbon3D

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Polymer based 3d printing from Carbon3D


Carbon3D has announced a new approach to polymer based 3D printing.  Their approach is based on CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) technology which continuously grows objects from resin instead of the conventional approach of layer by layer printing.  Joseph DeSimone, co-founder of Carbon3D and Chancellor’s Eminent Professor of Chemistry, UNC, mentioned in his Ted talk in Canada, that this technique was inspired by the film Terminator 2, in which the T-1000 robot rises from a pool of metallic liquid.  According to DeSimone, objects created by conventional 3D printing are weak because they are made up of multiple layers obtained by 2D printing over and over again.  In contrast, CLIP based 3D printing is 25-100 times faster and generates much stronger objects.