WPI receives $25M ARL award for cold spray 3D printing process

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WPI receives $25M ARL award for cold spray 3D printing process.
Damaged parts on military vehicles can lead to lengthy and costly service delays, but a novel cold spray 3D printing process developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute promises to provide rapid repair and reduced downtime.
According to Danielle Cote, assistant professor of materials science and engineering and director of WPI’s Center for Materials Processing Data, “The Army is interested in cold spray 3D printing as a repair technique. Danielle Cote is the principal investigator for the ARL project. It’s cheaper to repair a part than to replace it, and you get the equipment back in service faster. The Army’s primary interest is unit readiness. If you’re on a mission and need to move quickly to a safer place, and a critical part on your vehicle breaks, you’re stuck unless you can repair it quickly. That’s where cold spray comes in.”



WPI Receives $25 Million Award to Bring Cold Spray 3D Printing Techniques to the Battlefield