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Is 3D Printing Instigating a Design Revolution?

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Is 3D Printing Instigating a Design Revolution?


The world has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Efficient and new technologies have replaced the traditional working methods. 3D printing is at the cutting edge of these emerging technologies. Whether it be construction, design, engineering or medicine 3D printing has been proving a valuable tool across a plethora of disparate industries. Designing models for new homes or machines has never been so more accessible. 3D printing has radically altered the way designing is done. Allowing home workers to create a mini factory, here is how this technique has brought innovation and ease for design teams:

Reducing Design to Product Time:

We want work to be done faster these days, and 3D printing is the technology that fits best to this  

task. 3D printing can markedly reduce the design to production time and bring the efficiency required to stay in the market these days.

Manufacturers can quickly meet the demands of consumers by using CAD software. Unlike in the past, when all the designing was done on charts or papers, 3D printing lets you create the prototype concept products, such as composite decking. This means decision makers can quickly agree on designs, whilst saving money creating expensive moulds at the design concept stage.

Realizing Creative Concepts:

With traditional methods of designing, there was little room for designers to be creative and fully realize their proposal. 3D printing allows designers to manifest their creativity in the best way possible. Since it is a miniature version of a product or a model for a building that is to be made, clients can review it better, and changes can be made earlier, allowing for modifications before the product goes to production.

A Flexible Approach to Design:


Earlier, traditional designing methods were very costly and had very little room for changes and innovation in designing. However, a 3D printer lets you print anything you want, very easily. Designers can enjoy the freedom of bringing a novel approach to their designs and stand out among their contemporaries.

A Marketing Tactic:

Since 3D printing has taken today’s markets by storm with its unique benefits and design process, you can use it as a marketing tactic to attract your consumers. If your design team is using this technology, it will surely make you a reliable business venture as, the more updated your working methods are, the more people will trust you with their work.


The traditional working methods always have historically had the possibility of errors. One product can vary from the other. However, if 3D printing is integrated as part of your mode of manufacturing, you will see consistency in your product design and quality. This consistency in design and quality validates your presence in the market. If you want to bring character to your product and design, 3D must be your manufacturing mode.


The benefits that 3D printing offers to the designing teams make it worthy of all the hype it is currently receiving. It has changed the way manufacturing is done. The lower production costs, ease of work, and the reduced time frame make 3D printing a potential technology which will replace older modes of manufacturing and design. The benefits and applications of 3D printing will undoubtedly be extended as industry continues to exploit this versatile technology.

Tips To Find The Best Rush Printing Service For Business Or Personal Needs

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Guest Post by Arlene Westcott

Tips To Find The Best Rush Printing Service For Business Or Personal Needs


3D Printing plays a vital part in the manufacturing processes of various industries and businesses. From helping  automobile companies to design spare auto parts to assisting construction businesses to replicate intricate models and structures, 3D printing is undoubtedly transforming the concept of digital printing. In order to market your brand correctly and create high quality products, you need to invest in the right type of print services. Following are some useful tips for selecting the right 3D printing services if you are on a restricted budget and timeframe.

Checking Quality of Printing Through Samples and Prototypes

Whether you are opting for a regular or rush printing service, it is equally important to go through the quality of printing beforehand. When approaching a printing company for 3D printing, you can ask for samples or view their work online on their site or on social media platforms. However, the best option is to physically check out their samples. This will help you to personally check the quality of the material used for printing. 

Use of Relevant Tools and Technologies

If a company uses relevant tools and technologies for printing, then you will probably have a better quality of printing as 3D printing requires consistency, clarity and precision in printing.

If your printing company invests in better 3D printing tools, then it will ultimately benefit the manufacturing of the goods offered by your business and will help to create a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you check whether your desired printing company has the necessary resources for printing the products that you need. 

Printing on a Limited Timeframe and Printing Budget


Try to opt for a printing service that could print the required product within your desired timeframe and printing budget.

Moreover, try to opt for a printing service that can understand your requirements, instructions and can communicate effectively. Without effective communication, it becomes quite challenging to work on a long term basis and get the desired product delivered.

Better Customer Support 

If a printing service has maintained an excellent communication between you and your partners, then you can get regular updates and information regarding any changes made into the print. 

If your printing service has a trained customer support team, then this serves as an added bonus for your printing project. If your printing service providers are well trained and professional, then they might utilize all their skills and resources to make sure that your project is completed on time without compromising on the quality of printing.

High Quality Service


While selecting a 3D printing service for your business, make sure to opt for one that has a good track record of providing high quality prints within a sufficient amount of time. They need to know the latest printing trends and should have enough experience with printing to deliver the desired results on time. An experienced printing service is most likely to check the prototype first before of giving it for print.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are also a great way to check the standard and quality of a printing service. Make sure to go through reviews posted online . This will help you to decide whether to invest in a particular print service or not.

When you are looking for a printing service for your business, you need to make sure whether your printing goods can be delivered within a specific timeframe or not.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you select a company that is dependable and responsive. Make sure to inform your printing service  about the deadlines beforehand and work only if a particular printing service commits to deliver the required product within the given timeframe. 


3D printing is a revolutionary process for creating 3D objects through digital files. This method helps users to create complex designs within limited budget and timeframe without relying on conventional manufacturing methods.

3D printers can save a lot of time and encourages more and more  businesses to opt for decentralized manufacturing, however, without investing in the right 3D printing technology, you won’t be able to achieve the desired results within the required amount of time.