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XtreeE expands construction 3D Printing new deployments in Switzerland, USA, and Japan

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XtreeE, a leading in the construction 3D printing industry, has recently made significant strides in deploying new 3D printing units. These units have been strategically placed in key locations, including Switzerland, the USA, and Japan. This expansion marks a breakthrough as XtreeE revolutionizes the construction industry through innovative 3D printing technology. Construction 3D printing has gained immense popularity due to its potential to revolutionize the building sector. Advanced additive manufacturing techniques can create more precision, speed, and cost-efficiency structures. XtreeE’s new deployments in Switzerland, the USA, and Japan signify the global recognition of the transformative power of 3D printing in construction.XtreeE’s deployment of new construction 3D printing units across different countries holds tremendous promise for the construction industry.

This technology allows for complex architectural designs, customized components, and sustainable structures. With enhanced efficiency and reduced construction timelines, 3D printing is poised to revolutionize building design and construction. This global expansion enables architects, engineers, and construction professionals to harness the benefits of 3D printing in their respective regions. The seamless integration of XtreeE’s advanced printing capabilities in these countries will pave the way for a new era of construction practices.

XtreeE, a trailblazer in the construction industry, has developed a unique ‘multi-local’ ecosystem that enables the efficient production of custom structural elements worldwide. Alban Mallet, Co-Founder and Managing Director of XtreeE highlights the company’s focus on printing as close to construction sites while providing local support through their digital platform and design-build services. With its Printing-as-a-Service platform and commitment to sustainability, XtreeE is revolutionizing architectural design and construction practices.XtreeE’s innovative ‘Printing-as-a-Service’ platform empowers customers by offering a comprehensive catalog of products and digital assistance tools. This enables seamless architectural design and production of 3D-printed parts. Becoming part of the XtreeE ecosystem grants access to a network of design offices, builders, and architectural engineers, fostering collaboration and unlocking the full potential of additive manufacturing.

BY 29 JUNE 2023. XtreeE deploys new construction 3D printing units in Switzerland, USA and Japan.