Advancing regenerative medicine 3D Systems and Theradaptive collaboration.

Advancing regenerative medicine 3D Systems and Theradaptive collaboration

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In an unprecedented stride toward the future of medical advancements, 3D Systems and Theradaptive, a pioneering biopharmaceutical firm specializing in targeted regenerative therapies, have unveiled a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration heralds a new era in healing as the two industry giants amalgamate their expertise to harness the potential of 3D printing and protein-based material-binding variants.

The synergy between 3D Systems and Theradaptive seeks to usher in an innovative bone and tissue growth paradigm. By leveraging Theradaptive’s protein-engineered material-binding variants to coat 3D Systems’ 3D-printed medical devices, a remarkable avenue emerges for patients to experience improved healing and heightened outcomes. This profound approach redefines patient care, addressing historical challenges in regenerative medicine. Dr. Luis M. Alvarez, the visionary founder of Theradaptive, conceived the protein-engineering technology after bearing witness to the aftermath of extremity injuries that led to delayed amputations, particularly among servicemembers. Guided by a resolute purpose, his research at MIT delved into the realm of bone and tissue regeneration, addressing limitations that had long constrained the field.

The fruits of this pioneering journey are evident, with Theradaptive’s protein-binding variants securing three Breakthrough Medical Device designations from the FDA. These distinctions recognize the monumental impact of this technology in combatting degenerative disc disease and spinal fusion. Andrew Johnson, EVP, Chief Corporate Development Officer, and Chief Legal Counsel at 3D Systems, envisions the partnership as a fusion of innovation and experience with an unwavering commitment to advancing patient well-being. The harmonious convergence of 3D Systems’ mastery in orthopedic and soft tissue additive manufacturing with Theradaptive’s regenerative prowess holds immense potential for groundbreaking therapeutic solutions. This collaborative venture promises to reshape the realm of regenerative medicine and elevate the quality of patient care to unprecedented heights.

3D Systems’ dedication to this pioneering journey extends beyond collaboration. In addition to being named Theradaptive’s exclusive 3D printing partner, 3D Systems has demonstrated its commitment through a substantial investment of 8 million USD in the company. This endorsement underscores the collective belief in the transformative power of this partnership. Partnerships are not just about collaboration but about shared visions and amplified impact. Just as 3D Systems and Theradaptive are redefining regenerative medicine through their alliance, they seek synergistic partnerships that align with the business’s core values and goals.

BY 8 AUGUST 2023. 3D Systems and Theradaptive establish partnership to advance orthopedic and soft tissue repair with 3D printing.