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Large 3D Printing Xtellar’s Bio-Based EVA pellets after RAPID + TCT debut

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In the world of additive manufacturing, Xtellar has made waves with their groundbreaking innovation – bio-based Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) pellets for large-format 3D printing. Xtellar, the result of a merger between Braskem’s 3D printing materials division and Taulman3D, has made a significant breakthrough in large-format 3D printing. At the RAPID + TCT 2023 event, Xtellar unveiled their bio-based EVA pellets, which they claim to be an industry-first for this technology.

Xtellar has brought sustainable 3D printing materials to the forefront. This explores the significance of site structure optimization and how Xtellar’s bio-based EVA pellets are revolutionizing large-format 3D printing.

The significance of bio-based EVA pellets for sustainable manufacturing practices. The properties and advantages of bio-based EVA pellets in large-format 3D printing are the lightweight and durable characteristics, enhanced flexibility, and impact resistance for various applications. It reduced environmental impact through the use of renewable plant-derived feedstocks.

BY 26 JUNE 2023. Xtellar introduces bio-based EVA pellets for large-format 3D printing after RAPID + TCT debut.