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3D printed clear plastic

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According to Aaron Pearson Vice President of Public Relations,¨Many consumer products, from cell phone cases to kitchen appliances, use transparency to help with both functionality and appearance. But unlike other materials traditionally used in prototyping – foam, clay, fabric – fully transparent materials can be difficult to manipulate. Multi-material 3D printing technology makes creating custom translucent and transparent parts easier than ever.¨

Can you 3D print clear plastic?


Stratasys is helping nasal swabs and COVID-19 testing

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According to Aaron Pearson, he is Vice President of Public Relations at Stratasys 3D Printing, “The need for widespread COVID-19 testing of millions of people has surfaced another shortage, nasal swabs. Stratasys has added to its efforts to fight the pandemic and ongoing testing requirements by marketing and promoting Origin 3D-printed nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs to healthcare providers and other testing centers in the U.S. The Origin 3D-printed nasopharyngeal swab has been tested in a clinical trial and is considered an FDA Class I Exempt Device.”


Nasal swabs and COVID-19 testing: the next step in the Stratasys pandemic response.