Reducing multi-material waste and print time with ‘Purge Buckets’

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Reducing Multi-Material Waste and Print Time with Purge Buckets.
Basically, the purging is after the nozzle finishes printing color, the nozzle will go to a point at the top corner or the printer. The bucket would move under the nozzle. The nozzle will purge out filament into the bucket. The bucket moves out of the way. Finally, the nozzle goes moves back to where it was printing.
Purge bucket is an easy solution for industrial versions of in double headed machines.

According to some comments from 3DMN, “Purge block and purge bucket material are not too useful. Since 3D printing is developed enough nowadays, maybe it’s time for more filament recycle equipment to be introduced to the market. I know there are a few of them but they might need improvement while they are a bit expensive.
According to views, “it is a great idea, really nice functional print, the purge block on large sections of 1 color really grinds my gears.
No purge, no prime, the only cost of multi-material is the time it takes for each head to park and get back to the print.
Try to have the extruder purge on a ramp, about 45-60 degrees. This curls up the filament into a nice blob and when it cools, it just slides off. This reduces the volume of the purse strings. My Stratasys uses a system like that.
Or you simply program it via code, to create separate purge towers each of one distinct color. You can recycle those purge blocks as near pure separate color blocks. This will be above 90% purity. That way you have near zero waste at near 90%+ color purity. That’s a color purity estimate I think could be easily achievable. Either you recycle it.
If you own a filament maker machine or you create a business opportunity for a local maker who has a filament maker machine and sells them your purged color separated filament blocks. You can then buy back the recycled filament from them or simply use the money to buy new filament”.