3D Printing With Metal

Warren Buffett Invested in 3D Printing

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According to the Yahoo Finance news Mr.Warren Buffett,” Invested in 3D Printing,” The Oracle may have seen growth opportunities the rest of the market was largely overlooking — in combining the leading market positions of Precision Castparts in titanium alloys and technically complex engineered metals with the up-and-coming potential presented by metal 3D printing”.

Precision Castparts would gobble up Atlantic Precision, a start-up in the metal 3D printing space focused on direct metal laser sintering (DMLS). The technology fuses metal powdered alloys used in additive manufacturing machines to create complex shapes with fine geometries. What was the reasoning?

Metal alloy leader Allegheny Technologies and General Electric recently created a joint venture to develop and commercialize a manufacturing process for creating melt less titanium alloy powders for metal 3D printing applications…..:)



BeAM Metal 3D Printing

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BeAM Metal 3D Printing

Metal is an important part of our lifestyle. We use metals for making a bridge, building houses, trains, cars and other things. Making things out of metal is a hard job. But now we can use 3D Printing to make things out of metal. It will be simple with 3D Printing. We can make a program to have our favorite product we can imagine.:)