3D Printing Salary Data

3D Printing salaries for technician(United Kingdom)

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Based on our research. 3D Printing technician’s salary according to April 2017 data for salaries in the 3D printing field.

22,197 per year United Kingdom’s currency.

Hourly    19.87

Daily      30.94

Weekly   164

When we visited Europe, I was always curious to know how much money anybody needs to live there. I asked some of my friends. They told me the data. Some of our friends love 3D printing and wanted to know how much we could earn. So I think they will find out with this post.

Please tell us if you have more or any information.







3D Printing salary data

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We all are curious about salary. It’s our right to know. How much will we get for our salary?  How much must we pay them according to their skills if we hire somebody for work?

Salary for Skill: 3D Printing.