3D printing legacy

3D Printing legacy

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Stratasys, a well-known player in the 3D printing industry, is strategically acquiring the startup Origin for $100 million. Acquisitions in the 3D printing industry are not uncommon, as companies seek to expand their capabilities, access new technologies, or gain a competitive edge.

As a startup, Origin may have developed innovative technologies or solutions that caught the attention of Stratasys. By acquiring Origin, Stratasys could potentially enhance its offerings in industrial 3D printing, where competition has been increasing.


S. Scott Crump, Struggling 3D Printing Pioneer Stratasys To Buy Startup Origin For $100 Million As Competition In The Industrial Space Heats Up, Exclusive interview: Retiring Stratasys founder Scott Crump on his 3D printing legacy, TCT Hall of Fame | Scott Crump | Inventor of FDM | Founder of Stratasys