3D Printing: Environmentally Friendly

A 3D printed li-ion battery

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I am concerned about writing anything related to Lithium. So I did research about it. I found out some favorable research about Lithium.
Please do the judgment for our reader’s.
According to Battery University, “Because of the inherent instability of lithium metal, research shifted to a non-metallic lithium battery using lithium ions. Although slightly lower in energy density, the lithium-ion system is safe, providing certain precautions are met when charging and discharging. Today, lithium-ion is one of the most successful and safe battery chemistries available. Two billion cells are produced every year”.

At the same time, according to Physics researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University,” they also found that the electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries (also known as Li-ion batteries) could be replaced with halogen-free electrolytes that are both nontoxic and environmentally friendly”.

According to Engadget,” A 3D printed li-ion battery is one of the challenges in creating smaller and smaller devices these days, such as wearables and phones, is that the batteries can take up a lot of room. Cases are often designed around standard battery sizes, and it often creates wasted space. Now, new research published in ACS Applied Energy Materials shows that it’s possible to 3D-print lithium-ion batteries into whatever shape you need”.





3D & Virtual Reality Expo ( Inside 3D Printing Conference in New York)

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The Inside 3D Printing Conference is an annual event in New York City focused on the business and technology of 3D printing. The conference features presentations and panel discussions by industry experts, demonstrations of cutting-edge 3D printing technology, and opportunities for networking and collaboration among attendees. Some of the topics covered in previous conferences include 3D printing in aerospace and automotive industries, medical applications of 3D printing, the impact of 3D printing on traditional manufacturing, and the latest developments in 3D printing materials and software.

The conference attracts diverse attendees, including engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers. It provides a platform for individuals and companies to showcase their latest products and services and to connect with potential customers and partners in the 3D printing industry. The Inside 3D Printing Conference in New York is a valuable event for anyone interested in the latest developments in 3D printing technology and its applications across various industries.

Inside 3D Printing is the largest professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing event series worldwide.

Oct 2018, 30-31

New York