3D Printing Dessert Chew ( Cakes – You choose design )

3D printing dessert chew ( Cakes – You choose design ).

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With the help of Artificial intelligence, we can have our food 3D printed.
Now we don’t have trouble spending a lot of time cooking food. With 3D printer’s artificial intelligence can figure it out what we exactly need in our food.
Sometimes we think this food has too much salt or sugar, oil. We can control those things with our health records and Artificial Intelligent 3D printer.
We have to do little work, just fill those ingredients, load the recipe and the 3D printer will prepare our food according to our demands (based on health, vegan, vegetarian, or another kind of food).
Just a thought for the future!!!!
Nowadays we are using 3D Printing in almost every field, so now what about beautiful DESSERT.