3D printed house

3D Printed House For 32,000$

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Within 8 Hours, we can have 3D printed house. This is awesome.
The Passsivdom make this dream come true.The construction industry and the real estate sector will change forever now. This is the future.

I guess the structure may be built In 8 hours, but it will take longer for plumbing, tiles, cabinetry, floors, etc.

They are using vegetable oils for construction. Later they can use some recycled oil from waste products. Possibilities are endless when we go in right direction.


3D Printed house 2015.

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3D Printed House was constructed by the 3M future LAB.
According to the Professor and architect Peter Ebner and his students,” 3D printed house with a special plastic and glue material. This house has all kinds of necessary components needed in a house, such as lighting, kitchen, fresh air, multimedia systems, etc.¨

3D printed house constructed by 3M futureLAB.