3D Printed gift box( Optics ) DIY.

3D Printed gift box(Optics)DIY.

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3D Printed gift box(Optics)DIY.

Made safe for children (3D printer).

356 days of 3D Printing

We can have 3D-printed Eye Glasses for whatever design we want.

3D Printed Box Accessories :

Box :  

We have selected some of the Box designs if you would like to choose. These are 3D Printed.

Glasses case.

Printer :

Mini 3D Printer with heated Build Plate. The Vinci miniMaker 3D Printer uses non-toxic PLA filament and has a non-heated print bed for child safety.

Prize :


Design : 

CAM / CNC and Laser cutting


3.531 MB


XYZmaker 3D modeling design software for beginners.

da Vinci miniMaker 3D Printer.

Best Feature :  

It comes with all necessary accessories and a 300g filament.

According to XYZ Maker, “The da Vinci miniMaker only prints with XYZprinting’s biodegradable, non-toxic PLA filament. This filament has gone through various tests to ensure that it is DEHP-free and Heavy Metal-free for your safety.¨

Alerts :  Always Caution for Laser, Chemicals, Equipment, Other Hazardous things. Be careful, Use proper precaution for using anything related.
                 Please read manual properly before handling anything.