3D printed food for space missions.

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According to the Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC),” they are developing technology for 3D printing food for space missions. Astronauts typically do not get the type of food that we take for granted here on earth every day. They get food in pouches that has very different flavor and texture compared to the food we eat daily on earth. Also storing the food in the pouches for long term causes degradation in its nutrients.
SMRC is using 3D printing technology to provide astronauts in space with food similar to what we eat here on earth. Also, their technology introduces nutrition supplements to compensate for any degradation due to long storage. Also, if someone fell sick in space, their technology will be able to 3D print therapeutic food.
SMRC has demonstrated the technology by 3D printing pizza. The 3D printer first dispenses pizza dough on a hot plate. The dough is cooked and then pizza sauce and cheese is dispensed. This technology could be critical if we had long term space missions in future, for example, a mission to Mars.¨

Complete meals and nutrition for long duration space missions.

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