Smart contact lens navigation through 3D printing

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Scientists at the University of Washington have developed a bright contact lens that uses augmented reality (AR) to provide GPS navigation to its wearer. The lens is made with a 3D printer and incorporates a tiny computer chip and a display that projects images directly onto the wearer’s eye.
Smart contact lens navigation through 3D printing can provide directions. It can be used in medical and transportation.

The device detects the wearer’s eye movements and translates them into commands the computer chip can understand. The lens then displays navigation information, such as turn-by-turn directions and points of interest, in real-time, superimposed on the wearer’s field of view. The researchers believe the technology could benefit visually impaired individuals with difficulty using traditional GPS devices. In addition, the device could be used by drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, providing a hands-free and more intuitive navigation experience.

The micro pattern on a lens using a 3D Printer mainly uses the curved upper surface of a liquid in a tube. 3D printing technology for the lens’s technology is also fascinating. We don’t know if making it on a large scale and providing it affordable to the general public will need extensive research. From healthcare to entertainment. However, they also note that further research is required to ensure the device is safe and effective for real-world scenarios.

Smart contact lens capable of implementing AR-based navigation

Augmented Reality GPS Navigation in a Smart Contact Lens – Made With 3D Printer!

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