Scientists have developed new techniques for high-quality volumetric Printing.

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Professor Christophe Moser and his team of scientists at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have unveiled a groundbreaking technique in 3D printing that enhances the quality of printed items without the need for magnifying projected patterns. The paper published in Light: Advanced Manufacturing introduces a new approach to fully volumetric additive manufacturing (VAM), moving away from the conventional layer-by-layer process. By harnessing this innovative VAM technology, the researchers have paved the way for higher-quality 3D-printed objects that could revolutionize various industries. In their paper published in Light: Advanced Manufacturing, the team introduces helical tomographic VAM, which significantly improves the quality of 3D-printed items without magnifying the projected patterns. By off-centering the light modulator and continuously translating the resin vertically along the patterned light beam, this new technique allows for the fabrication of larger, high-resolution objects up to 3 cm × 3 cm × 6 cm. The breakthrough holds great promise for various industries, including dentistry, where cm-scale objects can be individually manufactured with increased precision.

The research team advances 3D printing technology and presents new high-resolution, high-speed fabrication options. As helical tomographic VAM continues to evolve, it can revolutionize industries such as dentistry, enabling the production of custom-made, cm-scale objects with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. The novel technique opens up exciting opportunities for diverse applications in industries where precision and individualized manufacturing of larger objects are paramount.

Scientists develop new technique for improving the quality of 3D-printing.

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