Restor3D Inc. acquires Conformis for personalized 3D-Printed Orthopedics implants

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3D-printed orthopedics company Restor3D Inc. announces its acquisition of Conformis and has agreed to acquire Conformis, a company known for its cutting-edge “image-to-implant” technology for patient-specific knee implants. This acquisition, valued at $2.27 per share in cash, represents an impressive 96% premium to Conformis’ closing stock price on June 22, 2023. With the deal expected to conclude by the end of the third quarter of this year, the stage is set for a new era in personalized 3D-printed orthopedics.

Restor3D CEO Kurt Jacobus was enthusiastic about the merger, stating that this alliance would establish a leading personalized 3D-printed medical device company. Restor3D and Conformis share a strong belief in the power of personalization, and this shared vision will shape the future of the orthopedic landscape. By combining their respective strengths in artificial intelligence-driven implant design, digital automation, and 3D-printed osseo-integrative biomaterials, Restor3D and Conformis envision a vast array of opportunities to provide clinically differentiated and cost-effective solutions. Not limited to knee implants, these solutions will span various orthopedic areas, including shoulder, foot and ankle, spine, and large joints.

Conformis has paved the way for fabricating patient-specific knee implants. This breakthrough allows orthopedic surgeons to tailor implants precisely to each patient’s unique anatomy, ensuring optimal fit, function, and improved patient outcomes. With Restor3D and Conformis joining forces, patients can expect higher care and precision, while healthcare providers benefit from cost-effective solutions that can potentially transform orthopedic practices.

Norbert Sparrow | Jun 26, 2023, Restor3d Buys Conformis in Medical 3D Printing Deal.

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