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Photogrammetry software for 3D Printing. According to Sculpteo, “3D scanning could be helpful for various applications. It can be used to get a viable 3D model and make the most of the 3D printing technology using an online 3D printing service such as Sculpteo. But having a great 3D design is also a fantastic tool for visualization. Photogrammetry is useful for topographic mapping, architecture, engineering, or geology! Many software tools are dedicated to aerial photos; photogrammetry is useful for geographical use. For instance, archeologists also use it to plan complex and remote sites.”

Some of the best free photogrammetry software,

Agisoft PhotoScan
3DF Zephyr Free
Visual SFM

Paid software

Context Capture
Reality Capture
Autodesk ReCap Pro
Photomodeler Pro 5

According to some comments,
“It is still easier to 3D sculpt from scratch than to scan using photogrammetry in some cases. As some 3D sculpting will be needed when cleaning and patching anyway.
Zephyr offers a function where you can upload an mp4 / video file. Pretty cool feature. It does all the things in the video but in one tool. Much easier to use as well. Free is capped at 50 photos.
COLMAP is so fantastic and cheaper, with more innovative alternatives.
Autodesk Recap is paid and limited (I heard that there is a limited number of images you can upload to their cloud – and it’s a web-based application, so if you don’t have internet, you can’t do anything). Some people like VisualSFM and the best software for this is still pix4d. These are also powerful and free; it uses additional CSM tools you need to install for as dense reconstruction; it works great with different image sources.
3D Creator from Sony Xperia is straightforward and excellent and avoids many steps compared to this traditional method.
Agisoft Photoscan is far better than Colmap+ Meshlab.
For some problems, we can get suggestions from the comments.
I am trying to learn 3D computer modeling and model this new military helicopter for a video game (ARMA 3).
The problem is the chopper is exceptionally new, and there are very few pics of it, so the background in each photo is always different. Would these cause problems with modeling?
If you want impressive results using the basic version of Agisoft Photoscan ($179 US for a commercial license) and some excellent results with VisualSFM (free for non-commercial use).
You can rotate the object as long as the background is solid. There are several solutions on the internet, mostly by programming Arduino to turn the turntable with the thing, then sending a remote shutter signal to the camera. This whole process can be automated with excellent results:

Best photogrammetry software in 2023: The ultimate guide.

Autodesk 123D Catch Review.

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