Patent-pending, the customized print head

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According to DI Labs, “proud to announce the acquisition of 3D printing startup, Advocate 3D, a full-service prototyping service bureau located southwest of the Minneapolis metro. The move allows DI Labs to grow its technology portfolio and expand its client base throughout the Midwest.DI Labs created a patent-pending, customized print head solution that provided a competitive edge by doubling 3d printer speeds.”

As stated by Brian Douglass, DI Labs Co-founder, “Color 3D printing has been around for a while, but this technology is on a completely new level. We can now go directly from design to a fully functional, dimensionally accurate full-color prototype that’s strong enough for field tests, tradeshows or end-use. It absolutely changes what’s possible in terms of aesthetics, design, timeline, manufacturing – everything!”


Doubling the Speed of 3D Printing with Patent-Pending Printhead

DI Labs

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