3D printing using super polymers.

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As mentioned by the CEO of Roboze, Alessio Lorusso,¨after years of specializing in super polymers and high-temperature composites and paving the future of industrial 3D printing, we are excited to introduce our flagship production series solution, Argo 1000. Since we announced the opening of our new headquarters in North America earlier this year, we have grown our global customer base and invested in R&D to fulfill customer demand for a much larger 3D heated chamber super polymer printer.¨

What Could the World’s Largest 3D Printer Using Super Polymers Mean for Medtech Manufacturing?

3D printed rocket engine´s mass production.

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SPEE3D is using metal powdered cold spray to leverage kinetic energy.

As mentioned by SPEE3D´s CTO Steven Camilleri,¨SPEE3D has developed a new way to manufacture rocket engines quickly with our advanced manufacturing process. The MMI grant will allow us to work with other partners in Australia to manufacture and test flight ready engines for the emerging industrial space market.¨


3D printed house is for rent.

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3D printed house with view of the mountains.

According to Dutch company twente additive manufacturing,¨airbnb‘s latest one-of-a-kind vacation rental is the fibonacci house in canada, the first fully 3D printed home to be listed on the popular site.¨

the fibonacci house becomes the first fully 3D printed home on airbnb.

3D printing for more sustainable construction.

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According to the CEO of Virginia Housing, the not-for-profit housing finance agency Susan Dewey, “It’s layer upon layer and, just like a layer cake, you have to worry about the consistency of each level.
Using 3D printing technology in home construction is faster, cheaper and more sustainable than traditional construction, and it is more energy-efficient after the house is built.¨
3D Printed House Shows Potential Affordable Housing Solution.