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The Green 3d Print

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The Green 3d Print


Dr. Joshua Pearce, a professor at Michigan Technological University, has worked to develop Eco-friendly techniques for 3D printing.  His technique reduces carbon footprint.  Professor Pearce has developed a “Recyclebot” to create plastic filament using recycled milk jugs.  3D printers use this material for creating structures.   His study found that using recycled materials at home to create filament uses one fortieth the amount of energy it would take to create it commercially.


3D Printing Jewelry

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3D Printing Jewelry


Aaron Issac’s Singapore based company, Polychemy is using 3D printers to make jewelry.   Polychemy uses 3D printers to produce a wax mold that is cast into metal.  They analyze traffic on Google to find out what type of jewelry people are searching for.  Then  they develop that type of jewelry.

Drugs printed by 3d printer

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Drugs printed by 3d printer


Scientists believe they can print a prescription drug using a 3D printer.  Lee Cronin, a chemistry professor from the University of Glasgow mentioned in his Ted Talk that a 3D printer can assemble chemical compounds at a molecular level. Cronin said, “What Apple did for music, I’d like to do for the discovery and distribution of prescription drugs.”  According to Cronin, users would go to an online drugstore with their digital prescription, buy a “blueprint” and the chemical “ink” they need, and then print the drug at home with software and a 3D molecular printer.