The World’s first 3D-printed car.

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According to Local Motors, “This car has of 40 parts. This is the smallest number any vehicle has but other cars have more than 19000 components.¨

3D Printed Car 


The best 3D printer-2015.

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According to,” 3D printers have different styles, sizes, and materials.  The prices of 3D printers can vary.  They may be priced around $1,900, $1,500 or $800.¨

Sometimes we can find very inexpensive 3D printers like under $100.:)




White House invitation for 3d printing makers.

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According to the White House announcement, “Invitation to 3D printing and Makers week of making from June 12-18.  Makers include people using various technologies including 3D printing.

You can apply before May 12.

For more information please visit the address below.¨

Nation of Makers.

2015 The best 3D printer

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For the best 3D Printers price depends on the printer, some are starting around $1,900, $1,500, or $800.  They have different styles, sizes, and materials.

So you can choose.


3D printing for your choice greeting cards.

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According to San Francisco CA, UPS Store, ¨they can print 3D Printing Greeting cards. You can make your own design, use your thoughts, and make your own Greeting cards with the help of 3D printers. You can check out the following for more information.¨




3D, 4D, and 5D Printed fancy food.

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According to the Print2Taste Company, ” they sell printers and kits for converting 3D printers into printers that can make food.  This Company makes their own food pastes from natural things fruits, vegetables, etc. in long thin shape plastic shaped bottles.  Their products can be used by anyone who likes homemade or fancy food.¨

For more information please visit.


3D Food Printing Procusini


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3D Printing information with research approach.

3D printing changing the world

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According to the 3D Printing Companies,” Stocks are higher more than 100% in last year and this year. Companies like Stratasys, Voxeljet, and ExOne are some of them.

If you want to read more about them they have websites for products, App and more information.¨

3D Printing: Environmentally Friendly

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3D  Printings world  things are made by building up multiple layers of material.

This process is environmental friendly and is relatively simple, depending on the specific project at hand.

3d has 3 companies that investors should know. Two of them have double the stocks and one of them has triple.

In California, Los Angeles, Mountain View has 3D printing. Its website is listed here:

Please read the information on the website for further information.:)