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Look Better 3D Model

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Look Better 3D Model

3D Printing with metal

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3D Printing with metal


It’s very thrilling for everybody they  can make their Christmas ornaments at home they can put their names on them they can modify whatever design they like so here it is  Engineers from Michigan Technological University in Houghton have designed a 3D metal printer that can be made with less than $1,500 of materials and open-source software. [1]

3D printing would benefit people in the developing world, who have limited access to manufactured goods, and researchers, who can radically cut the cost of scientific equipment to further their science, Pearce said. “Small and medium-sized enterprises would be able to build parts and equipment quickly and easily using downloadable, free and open-source designs, which could revolutionize the economy for the benefit of the many.”

Joshua Pearce of Michigan Technological University stated “I really don’t know if we are mature enough to handle it, but I think that with open-source approach, we are within reach of a Star Trek-like, post-scarcity society, in which ‘replicators’ can create a vast array of objects on demand, resulting in wealth for everyone at very little cost. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to make almost anything.” [1]

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3D Printed Paws for Dog

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3D Printed Paws for Dog

Prosthetic limb made for a dog.

Zeus, a five-year-old Siberian husky with a missing foot, will get his first chance to run in the snow.  Zeus now becomes the fifth pet to receive a custom-made osseointegrated implant and attached prosthetic limb at NC State thanks to a collaboration between the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Engineering.

1) YouTube video on Zeus and the surgery.

2)     NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Engineering.


The Future Of Decorative Food

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How we will do our groceries in future.With the help of ChefJet Pro 3 D machine.

We know Hershey’s famous chocolate but now they are having the world’s first public 3D chocolate candy printing exhibition.

Hershey Chocolate Factory is also using 3 D printers for making designed candies.

Now we will  do our groceries so that we can make our food ,cake designs, savory and spicy food items with the help of ChefJet Pro 3 D machine .

1)Chef Jet 3D Food Printer