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3D printed clothes that adapt to your body temperature and stress

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3D printed clothes that adapt to your body temperature and stress


Chromat is producing clothes that can sense a wearer’s body and environment and react accordingly.  For example, the clothing can sense a wearer’s temperature, adrenaline, and stress level and adapt accordingly.  The Chromat Adrenaline Dress senses the wearer’s adrenaline and knows that the wearer is threatened.  The clothes react as a body is supposed to react in nature by forming an imposing shape.  This behaviour commonly occurs in nature but not in humans.  Chromat clothing is bringing this ability back to the human body. Another clothing wonder from Chromat is the Aeros Sports Bra that senses heat and sweat in the wearer’s body and opens vents in the dress to help the body cool down.

Chromat is based in New York City and was formed by Becca McCharen in 2010.  Chromat garments have been worn by Beyoncé, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Kelly Rowland, Tyra Banks, Azealia Banks, Ariana Grande among others. Becca McCharen was recognized in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of “People Who are Reinventing the World in 2014”.







Mattel and Autodesk Partner for 3D Printing of Toys

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Mattel and Autodesk Partner for 3D Printing of Toys


In their first quarter earnings call on April 16, 2015, Mattel announced, an exclusive partnership with Autodesk.  Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.  Mattel is a family of companies leading in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and related products. Mattel’s portfolio includes Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, American Girl®, Thomas & Friends®, Fisher-Price® brands among others.  Richard Dickson, COO of Mattel said during the call, “We want Mattel to be at the forefront as 3D printing becomes an important component of the toy industry. And through this partnership, Mattel 3D printing apps, activated by Autodesk, will soon deepen brand experiences for kids, parents, and collectors alike, by offering them the opportunity to customize their favorite toys.”

Autodesk has developed Spark, an open professional 3D printing platform (  Spark enables businesses to add 3D printing functionality to applications.  Samir Hanna, VP and General Manager, Autodesk said “Partnering with an iconic brand like Mattel provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate how Spark, our open 3D printing platform, can help create amazing experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds and push the boundaries of creative play.”

3D printed outfit that responds to gaze of another from Behnaz Farahi

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3D printed outfit that responds to gaze of another from Behnaz Farahi


Behnaz Farahi an architect and designer has created a 3D printed outfit that can recognize a gaze of a person looking at the outfit and can respond to the gaze.  This work was created as part of the Pier 9, Artist in Residence Program of Autodesk (  The 3D printed wearable uses a camera to detect the gaze of a person and changes its shape in response.

The Pier 9 Artists in Residence program gives artists an opportunity to work at digital fabrication workshops of Autodesk.  Artists receive funding and budget for supplies and publish their work on

3D Chocolate printer, Choc Creator from Choc Edge Ltd.

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3D Chocolate printer, Choc Creator from Choc Edge Ltd.


Choc Edge is a  UK based company founded by Dr. Liang Hao and Christina Zheng.  Choc Edge launched the world’s first  3D chocolate printer called Choc Creator V1. They launched Choc Creator V2 in September 2014.  They recommend use of high-quality Belgian chocolate for 3D printing chocolate arts but other kinds of chocolate such as white chocolate and milk chocolate can be used as well.  Choc Creator can be used for printing on flat surfaces that are not higher than 3 centimeter.  Examples of chocolate creations available from Choc Edge’s website include face portraits, 2D designs, logos, among others.  The sophistication of the chocolate art creations printed using their 3D Chocolate Printer can be seen in the following example (

chocedge face

Multi-material 3D Printing using OpenFab from MIT

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Multi-material 3D Printing using OpenFab from MIT


Current 3D printers typically use a single material at a time.  Multi-material 3D printers combine different materials in one object and can create complex objects with different properties in different parts of the object.   MIT has designed an OpenFab programmable pipeline for 3D printing multi-material objects.  The pipeline uses programs called fablets that define the material content of an object to be 3D printed.

The input to the pipeline is a description of the objects being 3D printed.  Different stages of the pipeline perform different processing of the objects.  The objects are represented as several small micro-polygons.  A surface phase determines the attributes of these micro-polygons, for example, texture.  The objects are divided into small volume elements. A volume phase assigns material mixtures to the volume elements.  Thus, by dividing the surface and volume into a large number of small pieces, different materials can be used and different properties specified for different parts of the objects.

This picture shows three rhino printed using OpenFab (  Each rhino has the same geometry but is made of different materials. rhino

Blooms: Strobe Animated 3D Printed Sculptures

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Blooms: Strobe Animated 3D Printed Sculptures


John Edmark, an inventor and designer who teaches at Stanford University has designed 3D printed sculptures called blooms that animate when spun and lit by a strobe light. These sculptures can be used to create fascinating animations using a video camera with a fast shutter speed.  The 3D printed sculpture is rotated at a particular speed synchronized with the shutter speed of the video camera that captures a picture every time the object turns by a particular angle.  As a result, fascinating animations are created as shown in the videos below.  These designs are available for printing from shapeways (  A turntable and a strobe light is needed to animate a bloom.  Generating an animation using a bloom is similar to zoetrope (  The number of spirals on each sculpture are always Fibonacci numbers.  Therefore these are also called Fibonacci Zoetropes.





3D Print Week California in Santa Clara, California

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3D Print Week California in Santa Clara, California
3D Print Week California is a series of events that will be hosted at Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California, during the week of October 19-23, 2015.  These events are related to 3D printing and include displays, fashion shows, and talks by experts in the field of 3D printing.  The events include Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo (, 3D Print Design show (,  s 3D printing startup competition, a 3D print vehicle zone, among others.

Investing in 3D Printing: 3D Printing Robotics and Technology Fund

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Investing in 3D Printing: 3D Printing Robotics and Technology Fund


The first ever mutual fund focused on 3D printing and additive manufacturing was started in January 2014 and called 3D printing and Technology Fund.  In June 2015, the fund was renamed to 3D Printing Robotics and Technology Fund.  The fund is managed by 3D Printing Fund Advisers, LLC, with Alan M. Meckler as the Lead Portfolio Manager and John M. Meckler as Co-Portfolio Manager.  The fund can be bought online from  Schwab, Scottrade, Vanguard, or from the fund’s website  The fund has Institutional Class shares (TDPIX) and Investor Class shares (TDPNX).  The top holdings of the fund include Stratasys, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, Hewlett-Packard Co., General Electric Co., and so on.  Some of the larger companies such as General Electric Co. are included since they have been acquiring companies focused on 3D printing technology.

This is not an investment advice.  Before investing, please consult the prospectus of the fund.  Please visit the fund’s website ( for further details.

California’s 3D Printing Expo October 2015: Startup Competition with $15,000 Award

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California’s 3D Printing Expo October 2015: Startup Competition with $15,000 Award

Inside 3D Printing, considered one of the largest 3D Printing expo will be in Santa Clara California USA on October 20-22, 2015. The Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo has sessions for two days for tutorials and new technology information from experts. This year the expo has a startup competition. This year’s winner will get award worth around $15,000.

Carbon3D Raises $100M from Google Ventures and Others

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Carbon3D Raises $100M from Google Ventures and Others


In June, 2015 we wrote about Carbon3D and its Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology (CLIP), that grows parts rather than printing them layer by layer as done by conventional 3D printers.  Carbon3D recently closed a $100M series C round of funding lead by Google Ventures.  Reinet Investments spokesman Anton Rupert said, “After evaluating Carbon3D’s CLIP technology, we believe it is a game-changer for complex manufacturing across many global market segments.”  According to Andy Wheeler, General Partner at Google Ventures, “Carbon3D’s technology has the potential to dramatically expand the 3D printing market beyond where it stands today and reshape the manufacturing landscape.” Carbon3D, a Silicon Valley based company, was founded in 2013.

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