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3D, 4D 5D Printing Vocabulary

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3D Printing–—- Through computer programmed deposition of material in successive layers to create a three-dimensional object.  4D printing—– 4D printing adds the dimension of transformation over time. 5D Printing—– Stereolithography for 3D printing —- stereolithography apparatus, optical fabrication, photo-solidification, or resin printing) is a form of  3D printing technology used for creating models, prototypes, patterns and […]


How to 3D printed Copy Any Object

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How to 3D print copy any object. According to Switch & Lever,” Copying physical items is not as easy as copying a piece of paper, you can’t exactly stick it into a copy machine. However, surprisingly technology for how to copy physical objects have come a long way in recent years, and have also become available for […]


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PETG is more durable than ABS or PLA. The various brands of 3D printing filaments.:)

3D Printing with PETG

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According to the comments,”PETG for strength and durability,  polyethylene terephthalate (think plastic bottles) and the G means it’s been glycol modified for extra durability. PLA for speed and a little extra quality. It’s good stuff. PEI is an ideal print surface for PETG it adheres well but doesn’t fuse like it does to glass. The advantage […]

Linear Advance with Marlin for faster 3D print

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Linear Advance with Marlin for faster 3D print. Marlin firmware is an Open Source 3D Printer Firmware.:)