Ultra-small 3D print

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The ultra-small complex elements creating on demand. Nanofabrica’s technology can reduce costs by 50X and shorten manufacturing time from months to days, making it a great alternative.
According to Jon Donner, CEO of Nanofabrica and TCT, “this is an extremely exciting time for Nanofabrica and for the industry in general.Nanofabrica’s new micro additive manufacturing technology builds to micron accuracy repeatably, and now opens up the benefits of additive manufacturing for sectors of industry that hitherto were forced to rely on traditional micro molding and machining technologies.”




3D Printing News Alert(3D- printed middle ear transplant)

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According to South African Hearing Institute, Gauteng Department of Health and Prof Tshifularo,” We will use titanium for this procedure, which is biocompatible. We use an endoscope to do the replacement, so the transplant is expected to be quick, with minimal scarring. 3D- printed total middle ear transplant also aims to simplify the reconstruction of ossicles during middle ear procedures, such as ossiculoplasty and stapedectomy in order to increase the chance of success with minimal intrusion trauma”.


3D printed celtic clover and pot of gold for the St. Patrick’s Day

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3D printed celtic clover and pot of gold for the St. Patrick’s Day. According to Miaka’s Creations,”I took the pot of gold model I made for IMVU and 3D printed it! It turned out pretty nifty if you ask me. Available on Thingiverse and for sale on my website”.
According to BanksPhotos,”3D printed celtic clover, printed on a ‘Solidoodle Workbench Apprentice printer’. The filament was custom colored, Soliddodle Natural ABS, with a permanent marker.
3D printed celtic clover and pot of gold for the St. Patrick’s Day”.