Materialise 2015 World Conference.

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According to the Materialise World Conference, ” 2015 invites world’s leading thinkers and doers in 3D printing, from clinical, to biomedical, to industrial, Engineering, and other fields and companies that have the visionary approach.
It will provide a forum to discuss various topics including safer and better solutions for patients, the added value of 3D printers for current and future medical applications, and how will this evolve.¨


3D printer for soft objects from fabric.

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According to the Disney researchers,” they made the 3D printer for soft interactive objects. The printer uses a sheet of fabric for each layer of a 3D object. The 3D object is built layer by layer.
Researchers present a 3D printer that can print a soft object from layered fabric.¨

Wooden 3D printing filaments.

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According to the engineers from Slovenia,” they have introduced the idea of 3D printing filament with high wood content. The 3D printing filament is biodegradable and recyclable.¨

WO-FI – revolutionary wood 3D printing filament.



Look better 3D model.

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3 D, 4D and 5D Printed food recipe.

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3 D, 4D, and 5D Printed food recipe (Chew )PancakeBot is a Pancake Printer.
According to the PancakeBot,” this is the pancake printer that allows you to make pancakes. With the help of PancakeBot Pancake Printer, anybody can make Pancakes.¨
I can make good pancakes even though I am not a good cook.

Tinkerplay free app.

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According to Tinkerplay, ¨App lets you make 3D Designs of creatures and characters. You can create the characters using 3D printers and App is free.¨



3D Printed house 2015.

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3D Printed House was constructed by the 3M future LAB.
According to the Professor and architect Peter Ebner and his students,” 3D printed house with a special plastic and glue material. This house has all kinds of necessary components needed in a house, such as lighting, kitchen, fresh air, multimedia systems, etc.¨

3D printed house constructed by 3M futureLAB.

3D printing decoration in Mountain View California

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It’s surprising we are in a generation full of opportunities. We can use 3d printing in cooking food, decorate our house, medical, daily use things, and much more. In Mountain View, California UPS 3D Printing is available.

3D Printing is all over the world.

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3D  printing will be all over the world in few years, that’s what I think.

Recently, a company in China built 10 one-story, more than 2,000-square-foot homes in a day.  Shapeways, a 3D printing service, makes more than 140,000 unique products each month. Every day we learn new things about 3D printing.

3D Printing with metal

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It’s very thrilling for everybody they can make their Christmas ornaments at home they can put their names on them they can modify whatever design they like so here it is. According to Joshua Pearce Engineers of Michigan Technological University in Houghton, ¨have designed a 3D metal printer that can be made with less than $1,500 of materials and open-source software,

3D printing would benefit people in the developing world, who have limited access to manufactured goods, and researchers, who can radically cut the cost of scientific equipment to further their science. Small and medium-sized enterprises would be able to build parts and equipment quickly and easily using downloadable, free, and open-source designs, which could revolutionize the economy for the benefit of the many.

I really don’t know if we are mature enough to handle it, but I think that with the open-source approach, we are within reach of a Star Trek-like, post-scarcity society, in which ‘replicators’ can create a vast array of objects on-demand, resulting in wealth for everyone at very little cost. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to make almost anything.”


Scientists Build a Low-Cost, Open-Source 3D Metal Printer

Open-source metal 3-D printer