Customization for PC with 3D printing

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Thermaltake manufactures PC case designs, power supplies, and cooling solutions. Thermaltake has launched a website for custom PC modification using 3D printing. The website downloads methods for building custom PCs and allows users to submit their plans. According to their website, “Thermaltake is intended to build an innovative brand by incorporating “Maker Movement” ideas. Thus, we offer a 3D printing platform for anyone who loves “DIY” and “Modding” to discuss and share the innovation and creation of customized case components and accessories.”

RapidReady Article on ThermalTake

Combining 3D Printing with traditional jewelry

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Holy Faya is a creative studio founded by Celia Elmasu and Nelly Zagury, a French artist duo.  They create unique ornaments using 3D printing combined with traditional jewelry.  Their jewelry combines PLA with precious metals. According to them “We dream, we draw, we design the 3D modeling, we print, we add precious materials.  We love mixing our 3D printed creations with mother of pearl, gold, skins, stones & crystals..”  Their short film “The Black Crook” premiered on Feb. 12, 2016, at the Chimney NYC, Brooklyn

NY Times Article: A Rap Video With a Side of 3D-Printed Jewelry