Optimized laser technology in SLS 3D Printing industrial production

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SLS 3D printing has emerged as a frontrunner in industrial production with its ability to create high-quality, complex parts. By custom-designing lasers specifically for optimized plastic melting, companies like 3DM are revolutionizing SLS 3D printing. These advanced lasers are fine-tuned to the ideal wavelengths for each material. This optimized melting process translates into significantly higher printing speeds, increasing productivity and reducing production costs.
The power of optimized laser technology lies in its compatibility with a wide range of materials. By analyzing the interaction between different wavelengths and materials using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), engineers can precisely tailor the lasers to maximize absorption efficiency.
SLS 3D printing with optimized lasers produces isotropic parts, where material properties remain consistent across all axes. This isotropy results in enhanced structural integrity and opens new possibilities in design and functionality.

3DM on Developing a Faster, More Optimized SLS 3D Printing In Order to Scale Up Production.

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