Mighty oak medical teams up with HP to enhance spinal surgery using 3D Printing

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Mighty Oak Medical, a leading medical device company specializing in spinal technologies, has recently announced a technical partnership with HP to develop 3D-printed healthcare applications. This collaboration leverages HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 3D printers to produce innovative solutions, including FIREFLY’s flagship product. Mighty Oak’s FIREFLY offers enhanced value for patients, surgeons, and the healthcare system.

By leveraging 3D virtual renderings of patients’ spines, FIREFLY enables high-accuracy pre-surgical planning. Surgeons are equipped with precise insights and the ability to visualize the surgical procedure in three dimensions.

3D Printed Medical Models and patient-specific tools empower surgeons to drill, tap, and place pedicle screws efficiently and precisely. Integrating 3D-printed solutions reduces stress and enhances success rates during spinal surgeries.
Patients benefit from improved surgical accuracy, reduced risks, and enhanced postoperative outcomes. Surgeons gain access to advanced pre-surgical planning tools and disposable guides, streamlining their workflow and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, the healthcare system benefits from improved cost-effectiveness and optimized resource utilization. The possibilities for enhancing surgical precision, patient outcomes, and overall healthcare efficiency are expected to expand.

By 12 June 2023.

Mighty Oak Medical partners with HP to improve spinal surgeries with 3D printing.

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