Mastering 3D Printing terminology from the FDM vs. FFF.

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3D Printing is dynamic and ever-evolving, bringing forth groundbreaking technologies and innovations. Amidst the excitement, the distinction between terms like FDM and FFF often gets blurred, leading to confusion within the community.
Tracing the Genesis of FDM from Stratasys to 3D Printing Vernacular is fascinating, such as the history of FDM. This term traces back to Stratasys and the birth of additive manufacturing. By embracing accurate terminology, businesses can enhance clarity, foster trust, and establish themselves as leaders in the dynamic landscape of additive manufacturing.
Businesses are adopting “Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)” as the preferred term for 3D printing technology—It Fosters community cohesion, enabling enthusiasts to communicate effectively regardless of their equipment’s origins.

By FDM or FFF: What’s the Right Term for 3D Printing?

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