Mark Zuckerberg takes DIY approach to dressmaking with 3D Printer

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Mark Zuckerberg posted on his personal Facebook page on June 13, 2021, where he shared photos of dresses he had designed and 3D printed for his daughters. In the caption, he mentioned that he had to learn to sew as part of the process. He also noted in the comments that one of the dresses he designed looked similar to a chainmail dress in Prada’s spring line.

It’s worth noting that while 3D printing can be used to make clothing prototypes, it’s not typically used as the sole method of producing finished garments. It’s possible to use 3D printing to create unique designs and incorporate other materials or techniques to make the final dresses.

Title: Mark Zuckerberg Uses 3D Printer to Make Dresses for His Daughters: ‘Yes, I Had to Learn to Sew.’

Author: Georgia Slater


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