Making crafts from 3D Printer waste

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Making crafts from 3D printer waste is an innovative way to reduce the environmental impact of 3D printing. Individuals can create unique and sustainable crafts by reusing and repurposing 3D printer waste materials.

According to the Designers Seongil Choi and Fabio Hendry,” they have shown how to use the waste product of 3D printers to make the craft. Their process builds solid bodies from line structures. They pass a wire through sand combined with nylon powder obtained from 3D printer waste. Electricity is passed through the wire causing the wire to heat up. The heat melts the nylon powder causing it to bond with sand and creates solid shapes. They have created several interesting shapes using this mechanism.¨




Things to make with 3D printer waste.

What are some benefits of repurposing 3D printer waste for crafting?

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