Make money with the ´3D printerś Mini industry´

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Make money with the ´3D printerś Mini industry´.

This could be the money-saving and family time for the quarantine time. It could be your personal ´Mini industry´.

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Jeff B
2 months ago
Great video! I’ve owned a 3D (FDM) printer for a while now, and I’ve recently been thinking about using it to make prints to sell, so this video is very timely! I was wondering the following – for prints you sell (like the game controller mod), 1) what material do you print (PLA? ABS? PETG?) 2) What layer height (and deciding on layer height and print quality vs. time for a commercial print)? 3) Infil (and durability/amount of material vs cost for a commercial print)? Thanks!

Great video +Uncle Jessy; I just purchased my second 3D printer to help out the local hospital with PPE. I have always thought of going into 3D printing myself as either a second source of income all while enjoying my 3D printer. Thank you for posting this and continue doing what you do.

2 months ago
Wow great motivation! Please, cover about packaging, shipping and customer care part of it – which are the part of any manufacturing business’ bigger task then anything.

5 days ago
I’m just waiting for the sales pitch of 5 payments of $2** something. 😂

Jeff Geis
2 months ago
Great video bro! Yes I really do like this content! :D
I currently work for Walmart full time, but I really would like to open an Etsy shop and start slowly adding original content and also provide a inexpensive way for people to request model prints from places like Thingiverse. I hope you make more videos like this one, maybe take us slowbees through the process of creating a page and posting a thing for sale there? That would be so much help for some of us!
Thank you for all you do for us bro! Be safe! :)

Ella Lukaszewicz
1 week ago
I want to know how to 3D print so there’s not a lot of stuff that me and my dad can do together (my mom works a lot) so I thought about getting one but I don’t even know how to so a video on that will be great!!!

2 months ago
Great video. Exactly mirrored my experience selling 3d prints online. I like that you emphasized the importance of finding efficient products to sell. Creating big items is fun but very impractical long term. Selling small functional items and then marketing them based on the value they provide rather than if a small plastic thing should be as expensive as you made it is key

Just got into 3D printing with my Ender 3 PRO. Loving the hobby so far…never thought of making money with it though! Nice video! Thanks! :-)
Please do more of these! Your videos are helping me feel like maybe I can make some kind of income off this business.

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