Legal issues in additive manufacturing.

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Legal issues in additive manufacturing.
According to Professor of Engineering Design and Manufacturing and director of the AMD program Timothy W. Simpson, Paul Morrow “Additive manufacturing is disrupting product design and how we manufacture parts. It’s also disrupting how we protect our intellectual property. Most engineers are not prepared to think about the impact this will have on how their company will deliver new products and services with AM.”
According to Christopher Higgins, partner and co-leader of the 3D Printing Group at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP,” As an engineer, having an understanding of legal issues that may arise in additive manufacturing can make you an invaluable asset to a company. It is a skill set that most engineers do not have when exiting school, which makes this course a unique opportunity at Penn State.”
According to Brenna McCornac, a student currently enrolled in the course and an additive manufacturing engineer at Cumberland Additive, “As a working engineer, I feel that this is a valuable knowledge base to have. I don’t believe that many engineers have the opportunity to learn a lot about the law, especially within their specific field. Those of us participating in this class will be uniquely equipped to work effectively in a corporate setting or start their own business, having a good basis of legal knowledge pertaining to additive manufacturing.”

First-of-its-kind graduate course tackles legal issues in additive manufacturing

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