Large-scale scanner for 3D Printing

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Large-scale scanner for 3D Printing is Compatible with most devices and provides power. The Range scanner appears to be a lightweight and handheld device designed for scanning large objects. Its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices is a convenient feature.

The scanner boasts a single capture range of 360 x 650 mm and a scanning distance of up to 800 mm. With a single-frame precision of up to 0.1 mm and a full-color RGB camera, it seems well-suited for capturing detailed and accurate scans. Including a handle with a built-in power bank and a detachable tripod enhances its usability.

Revopoint claims that the Range is ideal for various applications, including large-scale scans of cars, furniture, industrial parts, and even the human body. The pricing for the Range starts at around USD 400 for the standard package, while a premium package is available for those who pledge USD 659 or more, which includes the 3D scanner and a remote-controlled turntable.

by Adam Kohut
Published Feb 8, 2023

Meet the 3D Scanner That Was Fully Funded in 30 Seconds.

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