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JuggerBot 3D is an additive manufacturing machine builder that designs and builds 3D printing solutions.

In this video from Business-journal daily, the president of Juggerbot 3D, Zac DiVencenzo shows some of the technology in the world of additive manufacturing.

As stated inTriadProductionGroup, “We were commissioned by the city of Youngstown to tell a few of the stories that make Youngstown the City of YOU. This is Dan’s story about how Youngstown is the perfect place to start a new business in advanced manufacturing.”

According to JuggerBot 3D, “each 3D printer comes with JuggerBot’s 3D patented “Interdependent Drive System,” which allows users to process a wide variety of materials.”

JuggerBot 3D

JuggerBot 3D to Unveil New ‘Tradesman Series’

JuggerBot 3D LLC


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