3D printed sculptures.

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According to John Edmark, “He is an inventor and designer who teaches at Stanford University has designed 3D printed sculptures called blooms that animate when spun and lit by a strobe light. These sculptures can be used to create fascinating animations using a video camera with a fast shutter speed. The 3D printed sculpture is rotated at a particular speed synchronized with the shutter speed of the video camera that captures a picture every time the object turns by a particular angle.  As a result, fascinating animations are created as shown in the videos below. These designs are available for printing from Shapeways. A turntable and a strobe light are needed to animate a bloom. Generating an animation using a bloom is similar to Zoetrope. The number of spirals on each sculpture is always Fibonacci numbers.  Therefore these are also called Fibonacci Zoetropes.¨

John Edmark.





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