INVIVO multiple hybrid bio 3D Printer

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ROKIT is a South Korean company that specializes in 3D printing technology. One of their latest innovations is the multiple hybrid bio 3D printer, which combines both 3D printing and bio-printing technologies.

The printer can create complex structures by layering materials on top of each other, including biocompatible materials such as hydrogels, ceramics, and metals. It also can print living cells, allowing functional tissues and organs to be created.

The multiple hybrid bio 3D printer is designed to be highly versatile, allowing researchers and scientists to experiment with a wide range of materials and create custom-made structures tailored to their specific needs. It has applications in various fields, including regenerative medicine, drug development, and tissue engineering.

Overall, the multiple hybrid bio 3D printer from ROKIT represents a significant advancement in the field of 3D printing and bio-printing and has the potential to revolutionize how we approach healthcare and medical research.

This hybrid bio 3d Printer will make a new standard of bio 3d fabrication! Bio 3D printers can do direct skin printing. This bio 3d fabrication machine could use all kinds of BIO inks, Hydrogel, Collagen, HA, Chitosan, Silk Fibroin, Silicate, Alginate, and medical grade polymers like PCL, PLGA, PVA, and a variety of choices of materials and reasonable price.
According to Yoo Seok-hwan, ROKIT CEO, the “3D printing” industry is the new Industrial Revolution in 100 years! Everything you can imagine ranging from shoes and buildings to a tabloid edition of the human b ody and artificial veins can be printed out. Though being introduced to the market 30 years ago, the popularization possibility of 3D printing has made it a buzzword these days. In Korea, a figure has been leading the movement to popularize 3D printing.”

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